Welcome to Jiangsu Fu'an cocoon silk Co., Ltd
Jiangsu fuan cocoon & silk joint-stock limited company is indebted each customer and the partner trust and the support, today has developed into to have the certain scale and the strength enterprise.

We will devote continuously to the domestic and foreign most advanced technologies, the best product offer to ours user, will use our first-class research and development technology, the advanced
production craft, the highly effective sales network, the advanced
management, will provide the high quality service well for the user.

Reviews us to develop the growth process, we sincerely felt, this is a time which a cooperation and the competition coexists, we should the time greet the earlier worker by the open mind the cooperation, realizes us double to win the goal with the partner. Cooperation both sides are sincere and the trust are most important. Is precisely because has the multitudinous customer and the partner to our trust, only then has our development and the growth. We will be able even more to treasure you to this company's trust, will meet the back coupling 12 minute sincerity.

Along with society's high speed development, the Jiangsu phuyen cocoon silk limited liability company also prepares to become the new century assaulting, will continue will receive "customer satisfaction, the team cooperation, respects individual remarkably, the encouragement innovation, the pursue, the attention result" the values, persisted throughout take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, will pursue the customer to be satisfied unceasingly, willprovide richly contains the value for the general enterprises and individual user the product and the service.

Our cocoon all person studies silkworm's spirit, by silkworm's spirit, must be earnest to the work, must be careful, should have the work spirit which never stands still, struggles, to start an undertaking, constructs the happy homeland! We strive constantly for self-improvement, dare to strive to be the first, unceasing, the company silkworm cocoon total output continuously 16 years has superego occupied head of the national villages and towns, our product persists the environmental protection and the quality remarkable two big principles throughout, therefore the company established the integrity, strictly has carried out the standard and the operation sequence in the profession laws and regulations, "the phuyen" sign silkworm cocoon, the white steam filature and twisted the filament line to become best-selling national the famous brand goods,And exports places such as Southeast Asia, Europe!

The cocoon all person already stood in the time most front, powerfully raised flap flap the development flag, became the time collar running.